About Us

Paromak has been serving the industry since 2013, with its production of technical rubber compounds and sales. Paromak is a result of 17 years of experience and R&D studies, continuing to offer its services to local and overseas companies.

The raw materials that are prepared in an automatic weighing station, are mixed full-automatically in PLC controlled machines. After being tested and results are verified in our laboratory, the rubber compound is delivered to our customers. In this way, the continium of the quality is obtained.

Paromak has also been providing Advanced Level Consulting Services to Rubber Industry.

With services mentioned above, Paromak is and will be a strategical production partner of its clients.

Our Vision

To be an enterprising working with the goal of "zero work accident", developing international cooperations through providing a perfect supply chain and process renovation.

Our Mission

Searching, developing and producing Technical Rubber Compounds, using high-tech equipments and eligible workers, with a participatory management understanding.

Manufacture and Our Machinery

Paromak Kaucuk has, 5000 tons of black, 3000 tons of tinted, a total of 8000 tons of rubber compound production capacity annually. There are two black, two tinted production lines having 4 ban buries.

Paromak Kaucuk being in the recognition of developing rubber compounds in the most economic way while meeting the spesifications of customers, increases the power of competition in rubber industry. Also, Paromak Kaucuk has a well equipped laboratory along with a lab-size closed mixer, to test rheometric, static and mechanic properties of the compound that is developed.

Markets We Supply

White Appliances
Defence Industry
Food Industry

Satisfaction of Our Customers

Quality Product
On-time Delivery
Competitive Pricing
Quick Response to Customer Needs

Satisfaction of Our Workers

Better Working Conditions
More Training
Valuing Our Employees
Valuing Our Employees' Opinions

Satisfaction of Our Co-Founders

A Company with a High-Profit-Level
A Company with a Constant Growth
Awareness of a Clean Environment


Make Connection

You can contact us with any communication options. If you wish you can come to our factory and be our guest.

T: +90 224 483 42 21
F: +90 224 483 42 20
Kayapa Industrial Area Yesil Street
No: 11 Nilufer, Bursa