Created as the result of mixing acrylonitrile and butadiene monomers with the help of additives. Acrylonitrile rate in the mixture determines the material properties. Generally, acrylonitrile rate in the mixture changes between 18% and 50%. Acrylonitrile, gives the mixture polar property and prevents dissolution against hydrocarbons.

As the acrylonitrile rate in the mixture increases, below mentioned properties are improved: Density, Hardness, Burning speed, Mixture processability, Mechanical properties, Elasticity, Permanent continuance, Aging, Resistance to fatigue, Abrasion resistance, Life values.

As the acrylonitrile rate in the mixture increases, Material's resistance increases against the following materials: Oils, Fuels, Lubricant materials, Greases, Gases. As the acrylonitrile rate in the mixture reduces, below mentioned properties worsen. Resistance of material at low temperatures, Permanent deformation values, Elasticity, Production conditions.

Operation Temperature: -40°C / +100°C

Physical Properties

Sealing Elements
Coupling, Membrane, Fuel, Oil and Hydrolic Hoses
Pneumatic Hoses
Connection Elements
Conveyor Belts
Cylinder Coating
Worker Clothes and Boots
Rubber Cliche and Stamps


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