On contrary to polymer rubbers, it consists of Silicium and Oxygen bond systems. Although the strengths between the bonds are weak, it has a stabile structure. Occured bond structures are expressed with "Q" letter. Their namings show variety, according to the auxiliary material used during the preparation. Silicone Rubber Mixture; If prepared by using Methyl (CH-Saturated Hydrocarbon)-MQ, If prepared by using Methyl Vinyl (Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbon)-VMQ, If prepared by using Phenyl Methyl (Organic Hydrocarbon and Saturated Hydrocarbon)-PMQ letters are used to express.

Operation Temperature: -60°C / +200°C

Physical Properties

Strong Resistance to Ultraviolet Light Outstanding Ozone Resistance
Resistant to External Influences
Air and Moisture Resistant
Good Insulation Properties
Fire Resistant
Resistant to Aging
Long Life
Durable Underground
Can Be Produced Transparently
Elasticity Property is Very Good
Easily Paintable
Not Poisonous
Physiologically Harmless
An Expensive Material

Usage Environments

Cable, Cable Ends, Insulators and Buttons Spark Plug Cables and Caps
Radiator Hoses and Sealing Elements
Insulated Diaphrams for Brakes
Baby Pacifiers
Gas Masks
Impermeability Gaskets for Oven Systems
Impermeability Gaskets for Cooler Cupboards
Impermeability Gaskets for Ozone Systems


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