It is an isolation paste, made mainly of butyl rubber having high quality and high adhesiveness. Can be easily shaped. It perfectly takes the form of the place where it is applied, hence it provides a very good isolation. Well resists to high temperatures and can be painted, besides , even after those applications it does not loose the spesifications. When used in electrical lines, it additionally provides damp isolation for cables and pipes.It is a fast and easy way to isolate, pad and tight the objects that are to be protected from humidity.Very good in absorbing sound and vibration. Resist to yawning. Has no odor.None of the chemicals that are banned or limited by RoHS or Reach directives areused in the making of the product.

Operation Temperature: -55°C / +130°C

Physical Properties

Color: Black, White, Grey
Appearance: Soft, Elastic
Density: 1,3 - 2,6 GR/CM3
Solid Material Ratio: %100
Dimensions: According to Desired Dimensions
Processing Temperature: -18°C - 55°C
Water Absorption: %0,05
Paromak Test Method

Usage Fields

Normal and Galvanised Sheet
Powder Coated Surfaces
Cataphoresis or Underdcoating Surfaces
ABS and Plastic Surfaces
White Appliances and Automotive


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